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Игорь Балакирев History...

He graduated from Glinka choral school by St.-Petersburg Academic Capella on the class ''choral conduct .’’ He is the participant of jazz vocal group "Digest". He plays the role of pianist in performance "Passions on Vertinsky" of Russian Antrepriza theatre. He plays in St.-Petersburg jazz clubs with different musician. He writes music and English texts to order, and also romances (some special for Oleg Pogudin) and music for the theatre. He teaches the vocal.

группа "Дайджест"
Now the main project is the tandem with the well known musician, guitar player, composer and arranger Vladimir Gustov - "Be good". This project consists of a music directly oriented on the western music market. At the present moment the project actively is engaged in looking for recording company to make a deal.

группа "Дайджест"Music...

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  • Rio (MP3, 64 Kbps, 780 KB)

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